FASD Awareness & Fundraiser event for Apple Tree Farm

On Monday 7 March, Kentisbury Grange Estate will be hosting a very special fundraising event to raise awareness and much needed funds for the National Organisation for FASD and local therapy centre, Apple Tree Farm.  

Our Head Chef Paul and his wife Alison adopted their little boy five years ago.  At the end of 2020 the family received a diagnosis of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)for him, which helped to explain some of his behaviour.  He refused to go out, distanced himself from friends, was unable to sleep, had a lack of focus and impulse control, which sometimes meant his actions were unpredictable and often dangerous.  The diagnosis meant that the family could understand why developmentally their little boy was still 2 years old (half his chronological age) and received the reassurance that they had done nothing wrong.

The family discovered the benefits of farm therapy through Apple Tree Farm, a local smallholding where children can flourish in the company of the animals. The farm educates in life skills, provides core body exercise (sensory diet), and is a place for children to repair, recharge and regulate.  Apple Tree Farm has plans to install a sensory room, a safe and relaxing space including fibre optic and reactive lighting, musical instruments, tactile objects and tools that develop cause and effect response.  

For one night only, Kentisbury Grange will host a fine dining experience in ‘The Coach House’ together with a pledge auction, in order to help Alison and Paul in raising funds for both Apple Tree Farm and the National Organisation for FASD.  All profits from the night will go to the beneficiaries involved.

The menu will include local delicacies including Brixham Cod, Beesands Scallops and Beechridge Duck, finished with an Assiette of Chocolate.  Enjoy a wine flight matched to the dishes too.  The cost of the experience is £100 per head.  For tickets please call 01271 545008 or email sales@kentisburygrange.com.

We hope you’ll join us either on the evening,through making a donation through their GoFundMe page  and/ or pledging something for the auction.

“The farm gave us light when we most needed it and time to rest and regain our family’s strength, no longer do we feel that we are just existing, we are now living.”  


What is FASD?

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term used to describe the life-long impacts on the brain and body of individuals prenatally exposed to alcohol during pregnancy resulting in a spectrum of physical, emotional, behavioural and neurological characteristics.  The injuries caused are permanent and incurable.  It’s important to be aware and understand that individuals living with FASD have their own unique areas that create daily challenges, no two persons are exactly alike, and that they will also have their own unique strengths and talents which, with support and nurture, they can achieve great things with and be the best they can be.  


FASD can cause disabilities of varying levels of severity, these can be mental or physical and is often hidden.  

Apple Tree Farm

Apple Tree Farm use their animals in encouraging and engaging sessions which are tailored specifically to meet the needs of each individual. Sessions can be as short or as long as required and can involve taking the alpacas through an obstacle course or feeding the sheep, cuddling the two farm dogs whilst wispering your troubles away or collecting the eggs from the chickens and ducks on tiptoes. They offer a safe and comfortable environment to encourage individuals to show their full potential and reach it!

More information can be found at Home | Apple Tree Farm Services CIC